Saturday, July 24, 2010


What a fun night we had at the Mennonite church! We went for their BBQ chicken fundraiser, which gave the girls (and their parents) a chance to visit with friends.
Katie's pen pal is Jodi. This is their mutual caricature.
As they played and ate, their faces were animated, and they would occasionally grab hands to run off to a different activity together. I think the artist captured the glint in their eyes quite accurately.
Here, Laura is an ice skating girl with a small body. She and Becky also had plenty of friends to mingle with at the dinner.

My Bouquet

I thought this was beautiful and cheerful, so here it is on my blog.

A nine year old Amish boy arranged this! My favorite aspect of this bouquet is the aromatic weed that sticks up in the center, looking a bit like a daddy longlegger.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Lovely Ice Skater

Well, one of my lovelies, at any rate. They're still abed, so I can't tell you if this is her flip or her loop. But it's Becky, skating prettily. I'll call it a floop.

Thanks to Gretchen for the lift to the rink and also the entrance fee, as I was cash poor yesterday. I'm glad the girls retained they're skating skills over their excessively long break.

I know it's been too long between blog posts because I couldn't remember my password to get on here. I'd say in general though, that less time for blogging means a happy productive summer.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, There Goes the Neighborhood

Baseball season's over! That means that the neighbor boy can rejoin our family for the summer.
This is his very own motorcycle he got last week for his birthday. The girls have not gotten to ride on it yet.