Friday, July 31, 2009

Becky's Hairdressing

After I waxed the livingroom, Becky styled my hair.
I was sound asleep for hours after all that touching of my hair!

Katie's Rainbow

I missed the beauty of the rainbow while I waxed the floors. But Katie got to see the rainbow yesterday. And a neighbor posted photos on Facebook, so I saw it there as well.
People on the west coast who are anti social misfits should succumb to peer pressure and get on facebook.

Baby Bird

The girls found a little earthbound bird after a summer storm.
His parents were still wanting to take care of him, but couldn't get him up to the nest.
So Dan built a temporary housing project, where his parents could tend to him, and he was safe from our pets.
He stayed for a few days, and his parents fed him fruit. But now he's gone. I hope that he was able to fly, and that his disappearance has nthing to do with the resident blacksnake.

Canning Peaches

I'm getting close to being the perfect homeschool mom.
I put up 12 freezer jams yesterday, and will do a bunch of real jam today.
I canned a load of tomato sauce the other day.
Today, we're going to grind whole Prairie Gold wheat berries into flour, then bake bread.
Oh, and I milk the goats.
The only thing lacking is the blue jean jumper.

Chicken Tractor

There are actually three chickens getting a free ride in the chicken tractor. Katie's walking alongside of them, talking them down, while they get dragged along by the real tractor.
Joe Houndog is bringing up the rear.
Now the chickens have a bigger run, and their access to underneath the house has been blocked, so hopefully they'll lay the eggs in the nest boxes.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lions and Tigers and...

At the orchard.
Photographed and posted primarily to entertain younger readers.

Peach Picking

Katie picked a peach that has a nose.
We all had a very uproarious laugh- till she got stung on the cheek by a hornet at the next tree.
But the owner of the orchard gave her vanilla extract on a paper towel to put on the sting, and she felt better right away.


The kids brought in to sleep on laps.

New Trick

Here's what Katie learned.
She said she learned it from a friend's blog.
I guess when you're homeschooled and live in the middle of nowhere, you've gotta rely on the blogosphere.

Raw Milk Goat Shares Near Appomattox Virginia

I'm offering goat shares, spread the word!
Although,thanks to our caring big government, you can't buy milk from me, you may buy a portion of a goat, and get your own milk from me.
We're close to Brookneal, Phenix, Red House, Charlotte Court House, Pamplin, Keysville, Farmville, and Lynchburg.

Call or email for details:

Last Evening's Weather

When I walked out the door around 7:30 to milk, I saw the most amazing clouds on the horizon.
The three new moms were bursting at the seams, so I shouted to Big Dan to get photos of the clouds.
He did such a good job (with my fancy, $70 camera) that I posted all of them.
If you're interested, click on the photos, because the thumbnails don't do them justice.
Overnight, we saw and heard a violent storm up toward Appomattox. We didn't get any rain from it though.
Yesterday it stormed hard right after Child gave birth. It was wonderful to hear the thunder and feel the pre storm wind while watching beautiful kids get born.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goats and More Goats

Congratulations to Child

Our goat, Child, delivered her first kids today. Triplets. A boy and two girls. So far, she's the fulfillment of my breeding program. Lots of milk, and easy to get it out.
Tuscany and Merope had given a half gallon (together) this morning, so I think it's time to advertise goat shares!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What You Can See If You Wake Up Early

You may have to enlarge the photo to get a good look at the three deer up on the ridge. I was up feeding newborns this morning, and saw all kinds of unusual sights. The sunrise, deer...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good News For the Preemies

After their big drink of Mom's amazing colostrum, they perked up a little, and now look a whole lot better than they used to.
The weaker twin was trying to stand, and was able to hold her head up.
We have great hopes for tomorrow as we do one last feeding and head to bed.

While We Were All Working

Sirius flipped a little sideways, into a more normal position, right as I snapped this. Previously, ha had all four legs spread out, flat on his back.
What a lazy boy!

Fern's New Look

I looked out the back window today and thought that there was a stray pig in the woods. It turned out to be Fern, sporting a new brown color.
Sadly, Fern goes to see Joe the butcher on Tuesday.
I'm going to slow roast all of the roasts from Wilbur, and can the pulled pork. I'm also hoping to can some meat sauce. This way, I'll have more room in the freezer, but more importantly, I'll have food safe from electrical outages this summer.

First Night of Life

Here are the tiny doelings of Tuscany's.
Laura is sleeping with the stronger of the two.
The little weak one is tangled up in her box.
I really hope that these girls are just preemies and that they'll grow up to be as awesome as their mamma.

Kids With Kids

These are from Merope's birth. Two strong, healthy kids.
The boy is the tan colored goat. Just like his dad.

The Labor and Delivery Ward

Here are Tuscany (foreground)and Merope, both in labor. Merope went first, delivering a big healthy boy, then a big healthy girl.
Tuscany delivered two little girls about an hour later.
Both of Tuscany's girls are small and weak, and one is extremely weak. I hope that as they get more milk, they'll be ok. I think they were a little premature.
We took the babies to bottle feed them. This will make for easier milking of the mammas and more friendly, appealing babies, who will sell quickly on Craigslist. (I hope.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Big Long Snake Again

Just because things are slow at the farm today.

Abby's kids

Well, I had gotten four kids the first year, four kids the second year, and six kids the third year from Abby girl. Only one was a girl! But I had a lot of this bloodline, and decided to sell Abby and Libby, a.k.a. "The Marshmallow Twins."
The new owner sent me this photo of Abby and her twin doelings, Nightfall, and Fawn.
Abby's niece, Floppy, had twin boys for her new owners last night as well.
So today the girls and I got the barn clean, the bottles ready, and the electric running to the light and milk machine!
I thawed some goat milk from last year's freshening and made a banana smoothie. It was better than I imagined it could be. I'm definitely looking forward to rich, luxurious Nigerian milk again!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Blacksnake

Number 16 is nonchalant about Ralph, the resident blacksnake. I hope the chickens don't have such a relaxed attitude.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter at the Drive In

Here's part of the homeschool group who came out for a showing of Half Blood Prince at the new drive in theater in Keysville. Some more showed up later, but it was dark by then, so they don't get to star in my blog.
We had a lot of fun and a lot of Dr. Pepper.

Geographical Oddity

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fern Among the Chicks

Here's how we've been mowing the yard lately. We call Fern our landscaper. She loves the little white clover that grows up here.
These are two pullets and a cockerel hatched by Betty.

Happy 13th Birthday, Becky!

For her rite of passage into teenagerhood, Becky got strep throat, with scarlet fever as a bonus.
But Spinster came through with pizza for dinner and a surprise cake. Not to mention expertly prepared amoxiclillin.

Vita Mix, Gotta Getcha One

Here's the new toy at Providence Farm, a Vita mix. I got it last week and have used it at least three times a day since. It seems a little odd that I recommend a $500 machine when I'm supposed to be teaching frugality, doesn't it?
But between the health benefits,which we notice already, and the ability to function as many appliances in one, the vita mix will save in the long run.
We usually throw whole fruits and veggies in for smoothies, but two nights ago, I had made peanut butter and some was left in the machine. I woke up, pulled the container out of the fridge, added cocoa powder, sugar, milk, and ice, and we had a Reese's peanut butter cup smoothie! Now that beats healthy food any day. And it still wasn't very unhealthy. Even dessert in the vita mix is health food!
I chopped onions, rinsed, then whipped up a fruit smoothie, (with no residual onion flavor ; ) all within five minutes.
In one week, I've made:
Smoothies and vegetable drinks
Ice cream
Bread dough
Hash browns
Peanut butter

Monday, July 13, 2009

Poor Little White Chick

This was Lemondrop.
She was a victim of violent crime last night.
The black snake came in and tried to swallow her, but to no avail. I guess his eyes were bigger than his belly. He got to about her center and had to give up.
I had heard many stories describing this exact scenario, but never saw it. I hope I never see it again!

Hobbit Children

If the amount of dirt on a kid is any indication of how much fun she's having, I have the happiest kids on the planet.

Goodbye Again

Here are still more different reactions to Becky's second trip up north. Katie is hiding from the camera since she's crying. Becky and Laura are both happy that Jodi will have help.
To give Katie credit where credit is due, this time the transition to no Becky went much more smoothly.

Laura's Cat

This is how Sirius Black watches TV.
And here he is with his tongue sticking out, weirdly.


Here's Katie in the background at Bridle Club.
Laura took the picture.

Some Fun Around the Farm

Here are photos taken by the kids, of the kids.
Becky's still up in NoVa, so she's conspicuously absent from the photo shoot.