Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pork Rub Recipes

I've been disabled by asthma for about two months because I had a reaction to the normal meds, which was worse than the illness itself.
I just remembered that I had once used an excellent cough remedy from the Amish and ordered it from Mountain Meadow Herbs, which I can't figure out how to link you to.
As soon as it arrived, I started feeling better and am now able to get back out on the farm.
I had a nice ride on the mare yesterday after I had spent too long bent over Opal, picking pig mites off of her and drowning them in soapy water.
I had decided to make a concoction of Crisco and pyrethrins to rub the pigs with to not only kill the disgusting adult mites, but also their eggs which are stuck all over the hair shafts.
The feed store didn't have the poison I wanted so I used Crisco alone. It killed the mites on contact and also made the pigs so relaxed they drooled.
They also fought each other and me to be the one getting shorteninged.
In the top photo, Opal is still comatose from having her armpits and groin area instantly relieved from the burrowing little buggers.
I need to buy more Crisco to finish Garcia.
Maybe I'll physically remove the eggs instead of poisoning them.