Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheese Trier

This is a time tested tool. It's called a cheese trier, and has been used from time before mind to gently extract a tiny sampling of the center of the cheese, without harming the overall product.
I figured it was time to try a new, more modern approach to testing the ripeness of a treasured, even beloved, first born cheddar cheese.


This is a Scott.
A Scott will also test the very center of a carefully hand crafted, savory, delicious, well aged cheese.
However, my recommendation is to stick with the tried and true method, as your results may be unpredictable when using a Scott...

My Own, My Precious

This was the cheese whom I loved. It was a goat's milk cheddar. Till I left Scott inside the house.
I hope that my cautionary tale will teach all cheese makers to carefully guard the work of their hands and not to risk leaving it on the counter top.

We Need a Little Christmas

Katie got a little purple Christmas tree.
She believes it looks like it could pass for a real tree. I asked.
Honestly, my kids have been outdoors, even to a pine wood.
The tree is named Fuschia.

Pillow Fight!

Katie and Devin.
Like peas and carrots.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hike to Flat Top

Today I have blisters on my feet, but yesterday's hike was a good experience nonetheless.
Here's just a sampling of the beauty and fun.
Colin, do you know who that little girl is riding the sea serpent log with Katie?

Fog Lifting

This is the difference of about 30 seconds. The fog dissipated quickly and we've enjoyed hot, sunny weather since.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where's My Mostly Sunny, High of 74?

Off we go to enjoy the day that the Lord has made. After church is a hiking trip to Bedford.
In spite of the dense fog, the day should be summery later.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Drying Up

All of the containers around the farm are overflowing with sparkling rain water. Including Cub Creek.

Tropical Storm Ida

Curse you, Ida!
It feels strange to see the sun today. I had gotten used to living in darkness day and night; now I'm squinting at the shocking brightness of Ida's aftermath.
The first night of howling wind and rain brought this surprise. No, the surprise isn't that someone had dropped off free lumber in the field.
This was our run in shed.
And of course the most inconvenient time to have a wild west wind carry away your shelter is when it's raining.
We had to move the horses into the goat pen to keep them dry, and the goats were stranded under the barn.
Now I want a big warm barn with plenty of room.

A New Understanding of "Ram Tough"

Here's the new guy.
I've been promising Cotton and Shirley a husband for two years now, but just kept putting their needs on the back burner.
This morning, an Amish friend called with an offer of a ram in exchange for two lambs next year.
This young ram looks small and harmless, but I had one wild ride across the field holding onto his lead shank.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big Red in the Leaf Pile

Becky watched as Mr. Red trudged around in the leaf pile for a while. Then he fell fast asleep in the warmth.

Laura Jeane, Early Bird

Yesterday morning dawned bright and warm.
Laura was out doing chores and practicing riding before the rest of us were coherent.
I wish this weather could stay for a few more weeks, but alas, the forecast predicts more typical autumn coming right up.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Pumpkin

Thanks to a wealthy donor, the girls got to carve pumpkins this year.
I wasn't going to pay $11 for a squash we weren't going to eat!
At the store where the pumpkins were so high, the owner told the girls that if they could grow the pumpkins, he would buy from them next year. They now have great plans for a pumpkin patch.
(Thanks, Uncle Joe!)

Sore Throats

Last week Katie had a fever and sore throat. This week it's the older girls.
Fortunately, it seems to be over quickly, so we can catch up on our schoolwork.
Or maybe we'll never catch up, which is the theory I'm leaning toward at the moment.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Hour Energy Drink + Sunny Day = Cleaning Frenzy

I'm usually pretty frugal, but this little bottle, which goes for $3 at a convenience store, is my downfall.
If you want to have energy like a woman in her 20s, try it.
With the bright weather, and the 2 ounces of canned youth, I should be able to shake off the doldrums and get the house ready for Thanksgiving company.

My Weird Kids

I found these on the camera, so I'm posting.

Dogs on a Frosty Morning

When we woke up yesterday morning, frost covered the ground. Two doggies were sleeping in an adorable position before I snapped this. But even though Lily's head is up, they're still pretty adorable.

Tom Sawyer Style Painting

While my *little* brother was here, I made out how fun painting is. After that, I stood back and watched.

You Just Might be a Redneck

Better late than never. Right?
Here are the two brothers, enjoying a beautiful evening together after a hard day's work.