Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"It's one of life's imponderables."
That was Gretchen's response to me when I asked how she got so lucky to receive, apparently from the Beagle angel, a momma and four puppies.

She took my advice and took momma and babies to the vet to have shots, heart worm testing, and worming.
I can't wait for that update. It's too bad taking care of critters is so expensive.


Maybe because it annoys my groundskeeper(who also happens to be my little brother,) I rarely explore my extensive property. So I didn't know how high the creek was till I went for a drive down in Spinster's neck of the woods.
We were on a bridge looking at Cub Creek in one photo, and since that sign had turned out to be false advertising, the second photo is of a road I dared in spite of a caution sign. I turned around and didn't drown.

The Power of Positive Thinking

When Katie found out that she was getting sick, she fought against it tooth and nail. She decided to act as if she weren't feverish or tired. In fact, I held off on the Advil thinking that the fever would force her to rest. Nope. 102 and still plugging away, fighting sleep.
I let her do her thing, thinking that possibly that kind of attitude- simply refusing to acknowledge the virus- might help her in the long run.
After a good night's sleep, she's up and at 'em, with no temperature and no apparent ill effects.
As you can see, Scott's also on the mend. He jumped off the couch at 6:30 this morning and cried at the door. What a relief to have him back outside.

Over at Auntie Spinstie's, stray beagle momma had her puppies. We're going to visit and I'll be sure take pictures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Planting Out Young Cabbages

Inspired by Mr. McGregor of Peter Rabbit fame, Katie helped me by planting out young cabbages today.
She declared that if a bunny came through our garden she wouldn't put it in a pie, she would snuggle it.
We also planted broccoli, onions, and six more raspberry plants. I've got more peas to plant and four blueberry bushes, since I (once again) killed the blueberries last year.

Laura was sick all last week with a raging fever and terrible cough. Becky's been sick since Friday. Now Katie, just since this photo, is up to a 102 fever.
I'm very thankful that by now I know what to expect, and I don't have to go through the panic I experienced with Laura's illness.
The doctor thought it might be bacterial, but it's definitely a virus. I suspect swine flu, but I'm not taking anyone back in to confirm my suspicion.

Scott's Saga

Maybe in order to get his fair share of attention back from that usurper Jack, Scott's been about as time consuming as triplets lately.
On Saturday I realized that Scott had a debilitating wound that had abscessed. Not too much of a problem. Between Elaine, dog nurse extraordinaire at http://www.heavenscentfarms.com/ , and my awesome vet, we figured antibiotics and soaking would have him back on his paws in no time.
Oddly, after an initial improvement, Scott got much worse on Sunday. Yes, in accordance with Murphy's law, it had to be a Sunday.
So first thing this morning, I carried (literally) Scott to the vet.
In his infinite and never failing wisdom, my vet figured out that there was more to this than met the eye, and did a Lyme test. Sure 'nuff, Scott has wicked bad Lyme and also ehrlichiosis. So now he's on two antibiotics and feeling horrible.
At least he's all diagnosed and medicated, but really, did I need this drama?

Today's Rainbow

Here's a beutiful reminder of one of God's covenants with us. Do you see the rainbow sittling low over the barn and cow?
We had rip roaring storms last night, complete with deafening thunder and brilliant flashes of lightning. Today has been a mix of hot sun and gentle showers.

Jack's Long Work Day

This is how Jack spends many hours of his busy day. There's now a pathway around the baby goat pen. I figured out one reason why I'm not getting photos of Jack herding sheep; I'm too busy keeping up with him in the field to take pictures of him.
So this is Jack for now. I hope to keep him updated on here a little more often for his family to see.
Of course since Jack's moved in, I've had three consecutively sick children, with high fevers three days in a row, and now a sick puppy dog named Scott, also with a high fever.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I will blog soon!

I had a missing camera, then a busy spree, then mouse trouble to go along with my fairly frequent computer trouble.
I will be back. Hopefully soon.
In the mean time, Jack the Border Collie is working overtime on the farm. He has the strongest drive I've had in a dog. He's much happier as he's settling in. I'm hoping for pictures tomorrow, but I've thought that before.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Here's the latest addition to Providence Farm. For those of you who aren't on Facebook, this is Jack, the new Border Collie.
It took four long years, but finally, my prayer for a free working Border Collie has been answered.
Danny loves this guy. I probably should have broken down ages ago and gotten him a "boughten" puppy, but the urge just wasn't there for me, since five dogs already live here.
We could tell immediately that Jack has instinct. He's already starting on the sheep, and he's learning quickly. The only problem is I have to dig out all my old training info. I've forgotten how to train a sheepdog!
Jack missed his family the first night, but with all of the new friends and new sights, he's too busy to mourn too much.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

9 Little Chicks and How They Grew

Today's the first day out for our little girls.
These have been the healthiest, quietest chicks we've ever had. They were hatched at Mt. Healthy.
The grown up chickens are finally laying in the barn where Katie collects the eggs.
I'm so relieved that they started laying, because I really didn't want to eat them.
These chicks will be the ones laying eggs by Thanksgiving.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Our Jane Austen mood.

New Arrivals

I believe this is self explanatory...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love is in the Air

Some of what goes on when they think I'm not watching.

But I'm watching them, always watching.