Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Retreat! Retreat!

Here are some images of my weekend away.
I had been getting more and more worn down and exhausted from the farm and the school. So Danny gave me a weekend to be alone.
I went to Peaks of Otter Lodge, and my wish for solitude and relaxation was perfectly fulfilled.

This cross greeted me as soon as I arrived. It's right outside my front door.
The road less traveled.

The state of my boots, after hiking the road less traveled.

View from my front door.

There's my room.
View from the walkway.

View from my room.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Cuteness, Personified

JoJo is the biggest joy on Providence Farm.

Except when she gets herself in trouble. Which she did last Friday by choking on pelleted feed.

The vet was called. The rush was on. He came, he cleared JoJo's throat of the clog, we fed her a slurry for the next few days while the tender tissue recovered. All was well again.
Here she is in all her Wild Mustang glory.

Girls, Good Weather, and Horses

We had an impromptu play date with a friend who also happens to be an accomplished horsewoman.

Becky had been working with the Big Mare over jumps, and Sibylle took the reins to show us how it's done.

Jumpin' JoJo

JoJo's motto is, "Size isn't everything!"

She proves to us all that she can do anything Big Mare can do, and cuter.

Baby JoJo comes from the top of the hill and takes a jump, surprising everyone.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watcha Gonna Do?

You're gonna turn down my driveway in the middle of nowhere with two police following close on your heels.

Last night the girls and I were peacefully watching "The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency" when I saw a fast moving car and two police turn into my drive.
I locked the door and told the girls to lock the others and head back to my room. I grabbed and loaded a trusty friend and watched. After I was sure there wouldn't be any shooting I went out and found out what was happening.
The guys in the car were speeding and drunk. They ran for it. They came down in here. They chose poorly.
They also ditched a gun and drugs in my driveway. My driveway had already had its share of drugs in it today from the baby pony's procedure. But that story will have to wait till Iget home from the library.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Drama

Can You Believe This?

I'll post more of the saga later. We've now moved it up to 3 patrol cars...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Incredible, Edible, and Overflowing

It's a good thing that we read this article today: http://yourlife.usatoday.com/fitness-food/diet-nutrition/story/2011/02/Eggs-better-than-cracked-up-to-be-USDA-says/43475540/1 from USA Today. It's about how eggs aren't bad for you.
This is what Katie came up with tonight. 36 eggs. Granted, she didn't collect yesterday, but still...
Quiche, anyone?

Monty Python Kids

I think that the girls are going to need coconut shells to get the right sound going over the horse jump.
I love Libby's expression in the background. Wait till she finds out that it's not only humans who jump these things!

Please Hurry, Spring!

Today started out bright and sunny. But as I was cheerfully folding laundry, thinking of my gentle cousins' encouragement in my vocation, a big cloud obscured the light and I could hardly see.
Now it's mildly overcast, so hanging out this load of towels isn't going to be quite the thrilling endeavor I had been anticipating.
I'm taking Becky's batch of started broccoli seeds as my paradigm of hope.
Becky took their photo for the blog.

Friday, February 4, 2011


This is Grandma Honey's new daughter, so the girls called her Bun.
She's a darling little thing. I can see that white spot of hers jumping around in the dark barn while I milk at night. It looks like a rabbit's in there.
Tuscany's little Surprise is also here, jumping up on Katie.

For You 3 Without Facebook

You know who you are...
This portrait of Katie is Laura's photography.

Wild Pony Round-Up

I couldn't decide which pictures of mother and daughter were best, so I threw them all on here.
The picture of Becky working with them in the yard has special signifigance. This will be the last time Little Blue's exotic beauty will be featured on the blog. Little Blue left this morning with his new owner to enjoy a nice home in the country.
No, really, I didn't sell him for scrap, a guy bought him for farm use.

Ebony and Ivory

Romulus is the buckling in the bucket of pine needles. Surprise is Tuscany's black daughter from November 13th.