Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pierced Ears

Katie's been begging for pierced ears for a long time now. Finally, Daddy gave in and said yes.
Her first pick of starter ear rings were big gaudy gems, but we negotiated smaller diamonds.
Here, she's on the cell phone with Spinster on the way home from Claires.
The lady who pierced Katie's ears said that Katie is the bravest 8 year old she ever pierced.
I got mine re pierced after Kate assured me it's a painless procedure- it is. But I held the teddy bear anyway.


  1. I remember getting my second hole as an adult in my 30's. The actual piercing was not painful but the following few days sure were! My ears were very tender, sore, red and I couldn't sleep on them. That only lasted for a few days.

    Good luck with the piercing!

  2. Her cousin says "Wow, cool". You have to like a girl who likes the big gems :). We hope both of your ear piercings were painless.

  3. Very Brave! Congratulations Katie! I know the snacksters are for Mom to ease the pain. LOL :)