Monday, April 4, 2011


I want new leather furniture in my living room. And I want a complete new bedroom set in both girls' rooms. I also want to finish painting my walls. And the landscaping, that needs more money poured into mulch again this year. I feel a definite urge to get the upstairs finished and have a bathtub big enough for me to soak comfortably. (Yes, FSD, I know there will be a comment about this sentence.)
Deep sigh.
But would that bring fulfillment? How much better would my daily life be if I traded our financial margin for these things? I don't know the answer, and may never know the answer.
I do have enough experience by now to know that in the past, more often than not "stuff" doesn't change my life for the better.
If we were swimming in cash and didn't have a list about two feet long (in small print, to boot) of things that urgently need to be paid for, it would be a very good thing for my house to be more beautiful and classy.
For now, I'll get out a bucket full of hot water and Murphy's Oil soap, throw in a few microfiber cloths, and scrub the old, dog-scratched leather couch. Then I'll pile some youngsters onto said couch to read some of the free books we've just acquired.


  1. Can you Armor All your couch? Would that help at all? In lieu of that, old quilts make the best covers for furniture sins great and small.

    I find spring brings out the desire for new things in me as well. But I'm too cheap to spend money on anything so we're usually safe. Although I did spend all my rabbit money on lumber for raised beds. Greedy me. ;)

  2. I married Old Mother Hubbard!!