Sunday, August 21, 2011

Splotch and Babe

Danny and I had planned to buy Katie some piglets for future pork when we realized that we would still have the farm for a few more months. Then we found that there were no piglets to be had for love or money anywhere near us.
But a local friend knew some guy who knew some guy.... and we got a phone call saying two piglets were available for us.
We wanted to sneak them home and place them carefully in the wildly overgrown garden, then hand Katie a basket and tell her to fetch some tomatoes and peppers.
Can you imagine the terror of being in six foot tall grass and hearing the sounds of squealing creatures inside the fence with you? Bwahaha.
But she was up at the ungodly hour that we needed to go get them, so we just took her along.
I'm sure other opportunities will arise during her childhood in which we can cause lasting emotional damage by playing terrifying practical jokes on her.
The piggies names are Splotch and Babe. They're both castrated boys.
The last time we had pigs, Fern, the female, made us uncomfortable with her excessive intelligence. So this time we're hoping for guilt free pork.

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to reading about the intentional affliction of long term emotional damage. I made my own attempt on a neighbor kid today by telling them that I had a baby shark living in one of the humongous puddles in my driveway. They wanted to poke it with a stick. I wish it was an imaginary piranha instead.
    Love the pigs! And, am I to understand that you hope that because these are boys they are stupid? Just making sure before I report you to the Pig Sexual Stereotype Police.