Monday, December 12, 2011

Cold Front!

Here is our quaint little bonfire area after the storm came through last week.
Everywhere you see water in these photos is normally a wide grassy road.
Before the squall that brought this cold snap, we were at 74 humid degrees in the house. I was tempted to turn on the air conditioning, but I knew that 20 degree weather was coming soon, so I persevered.
My computer died, and I'm using Dan's lap top until I replace my hard drive, but I can share the photos from my new, fancy schmancy camera in the mean time. Lots of interesting blog posts are trapped inside my little red camera till I figure out a way to transfer them.
Tonight the coyotes are running up and down my Cub Creek frontage and talking loudly all about their coyote hopes and fears. Or threatening to eat me, I don't know for sure.
It's frosty cold tonight, about 28 crisp degrees at 11 p.m.

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  1. Holy smokes, that is a lot of water. The kids REALLY missed the farm this year.