Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lame Winter

A beloved facebook friend called our winter lame. She chose her adjective well.
We've had lots of sunny and warm weather, and few frigid days.
When you combine good weather with a trip out west to visit a horse loving aunt and uncle, you get horse crazy kids.
All three girls are working with their own horse, plus helping their sisters out.
Laura has Mr. B all beefed up and feeling young again, so he's enjoying light riding.
Becky's perfecting her skills on Libby.
And Katie gets stuck breaking the baby pony, since she's the only one small enough to do so.
Here's a scene from today.
Unfortunately, the camera ran low on batteries before I could catch them all riding together.


  1. yea! you're alive! i would love to go riding with my sis and nieces!

  2. Welcome back. I was loving this lame winter until yesterday. brrr. This is not for me.