Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Little Piggy

These little piggies have been exhausting!
They escaped last night and ran deep into the dark woods. We thought we'd never see them again.
But then we heard oinking under the window. They were back.
Then they escaped again, from a better pen. This morning the neighbor called with pigs in his goat pen.
They got past us all and ran into the woods again.
But then they came home again.
Now they are hopefully secure in their small pen, built especially for Houdini pigs.


  1. kids want to know their names? ... (we think breakfast and dinner). -Mrs. C (chloe loves them!)

  2. Well, you should have known! After all, This little piggy went to market....

  3. It's good piggies return home on their own. If mine escape their pen they're still in a larger fence. Good luck with them. They're adorable.