Monday, March 4, 2013

Blizzard Preparation

We're under a winter weather advisory already for Snowmaggedon, which is slated to hit us on Wednesday.
Knowing that the power could go out, leaving us without t.v. or other electrical entertainment, we stocked up on kittens.

Actually the kitty's owners had called the dog warden to come pick her up and euthanize her because their older cat had been cornering her and beating her up, resulting in abscesses all over the sweet little kitty.
The dog warden asked the vet to try to find a home for her since she truly is a sweetheart.
As Providence had ordained, I had taken a goat fecal sample to our vet to have it tested this morning, and Katie and I came home with "Blizzard."

The whole thing was supposed to be hilarious because I had hidden her in my jacket and plopped her into Laura's room without saying anything to the big girls. Laura went soon afterward to get a school book but thought the black cat on her bed was Sirius with shaved patches on his arms somehow.

The incident turned out to be more confusing than surprising in the end.

I realize that to the untrained eye both black cats look alike in the photos. I will describe them:
Sirius and Tom politely lined up to meet the new girl
Blizzard in Kate's arms.
Blizzard being followed and sniffed for the first of many times over the next week.


  1. You realize you are going to lose your status as a goat/sheep/cow farmer and become a cat farmer? Additonally, you are greedily hoarding cats and interfering with the free flow of cats in the open market. Tsk, tsk.

  2. Wait...did Auntie Spinster get a blog? Are you two in competition :).