Thursday, January 30, 2014

Witness Relocation

The evil possum came around murdering a rooster one night and a hen the next.
He broke into the upper hen house both nights and dragged them out with necks broken.
All of the red hens used to spend the night in said coop, but after the crime wave started, the surviving hens wisely chose to move in with Joe Houndog in his dog house on the front porch.
I was too slow to catch her in the photo, but here is a benefit of the hens' fear of open spaces. Easy egg collection.


  1. So who is going to sit out in the arctic weather to catch the evil murdering possum?

  2. We had a recent attack too. It's always the hens here. Never the roosters. I don't know what got them. I found no carcasses, just feathers.

    1. Our experience has been that if you just find feathers/fur that it was probably a raccoon, although a fox is a good possibility since they will carry them off bodily. I believe I've seen Turtle Man stake out a chicken coop before, if that helps....