Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fire Burn and Caldron Bubble

I'm too proud of this concoction to wait for the finished product, neatly lined up in jars on my counter. I have to show you now!

Isn't it pretty?

It's beef stock with roasted beef bones, carrots, celery, garlic, red onion, spring onion, a splash of vinegar, and parsley.
I'll add some sea salt before I can it. It's been simmering close to 24 hours now.

While the girls are reffing a soccer game in town, I plan to run into Appomattox and buy some more canning jars plus some pretty phlox to plant by the mouth of the driveway. The pretty phlox can be a pig snack.

The cat and the pig are both still pregnant as I type up this post...


  1. What are your plans for this? Will it be soup stock? It looks awesome. I'd love to have jars and jars of that in the winter. Excitedly awaiting your "new piglets arrived" post.

    1. Yep, soup stock. I buy a lot of beef and chicken stock, and this will be much healthier. I think cheaper too.