Thursday, May 8, 2014

Uncle Jamie's Summer Nanny Job

Poor momma Halvah's been trapped in her pig pen for her own safety because Opal and she fight hard, and also because she's so dadgum wild I'm afraid she'll get through the field fence and leave.
Today was so nice and green that I let her into the securely fenced yard to graze.
She was so grateful that she even let me pet her.
Jamie takes care of and plays with Halvah's eleven sons and daughters while she takes some time for herself.
Here they are eating grass and weeds behind the blueberry bushes, but not the actual blueberries. Don't try this at home, kids!
This may be the first time an animal has accidentally left an important plant standing.

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  1. Those babies are getting big. I just read on the Homesteading Today pig forum about other sows fighting and the injuries some of them have gotten. How do you break up a fight between two large girls, I wonder? Maybe just let them fight it out. My new pig, Kevin, just stays away from the other pigs now. He hangs with my two bucks. Sleeps side by side with them. It's adorable but I can never get a picture of it.