Thursday, April 30, 2015

A View of the Garden Plots. (So I Don't Forget Where I Planted Stuff.)

Dan is setting us up beautifully for a spectacular season of homegrown fruits and vegetables. Today marked the completion of plowing and disking.

This was the pig pen. Now it will be the home of potatoes, sweet potatoes, perhaps corn ( an open pollinated red flint, or "dent" corn) and/or squash and pumpkin.

And a closer view of the fertile Virgina red clay.

On the west side of the house I have a lovely little garden spot just waiting to tell me which delicacies want to be planted in its sandier brown dirt.
Just plowed.

The same plot after Laura and I rode on the disc to give a deeper till this morning.

And in the corner of the long established garden is my new rustic asparagus bed that Big Dan made yesterday. He's filling it with dirt on top of the compost right now.
Mama Cow has every right to gloat over that glorious compost pile. She's a large producer of "black gold."

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  1. So sunny! I love to spend this time of the year at farm.