Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shiny Is As Shiny Does

So we're enjoying the ride to Lynchburg in the clean and shiny van.
it makes a funny noise, then hesitates. Danny was in the City of Staunton, two hours away, without cell phone service. I was with the girls, in record high temps, with no phone, no wallet (although I had stuck my credit card in my back pocket), and no water. All that was in my other van.
I turned around to head back toward the mechanic's, and had some luck. I thought I had simply lost overdrive, which would mean a new tranny at some point, but at least I could still drive it locally.
On the way down Bull Hill, the instruments went nuts, showing me going 120 mph. At this point I was worried, but we prayed for safety and convenience in a place to break down in. I got right to the mechanic's parking lot and she died.
The good news is I just needed a new battery, or, "battry" as my mechanic says. The bad news is when he test drove it, the alternator broke. The good news is the alternator is under warranty.
I made it back home, as the mechanic predicted, and now we're on our way to take it back to the mechanic's, with me following Dan.
Was your day better than mine?
I think this calls for either taking up smoking, or cobbler at the Abilene Junction.


  1. Yeah, a full tank of gas (whenyour young) or a detail job (whenyou have a bunch of kids) is like the red flag for trouble. I had a much better day then you. Hope tomorrow is better!