Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheese Trier

This is a time tested tool. It's called a cheese trier, and has been used from time before mind to gently extract a tiny sampling of the center of the cheese, without harming the overall product.
I figured it was time to try a new, more modern approach to testing the ripeness of a treasured, even beloved, first born cheddar cheese.


This is a Scott.
A Scott will also test the very center of a carefully hand crafted, savory, delicious, well aged cheese.
However, my recommendation is to stick with the tried and true method, as your results may be unpredictable when using a Scott...

My Own, My Precious

This was the cheese whom I loved. It was a goat's milk cheddar. Till I left Scott inside the house.
I hope that my cautionary tale will teach all cheese makers to carefully guard the work of their hands and not to risk leaving it on the counter top.


  1. Oh noooooo! I've been wondering if your cheese was ready yet because I'm getting ready to try making my first hard cheese. Did you taste it even after the dog got it? Was it good?

  2. don't you mean "cautionary tail"??? :) - Mrs. C

  3. AHHHH! Darn Scott! It looked good enough to eat, obviously. Did you try it? Sorry Scott thought it was delicious.

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