Saturday, November 14, 2009

A New Understanding of "Ram Tough"

Here's the new guy.
I've been promising Cotton and Shirley a husband for two years now, but just kept putting their needs on the back burner.
This morning, an Amish friend called with an offer of a ram in exchange for two lambs next year.
This young ram looks small and harmless, but I had one wild ride across the field holding onto his lead shank.


  1. Now you know!
    They're the least celebrated animals on the farm. We got Cotton as a pet, then Shirley as a companion for Cotton. Now Mike is a husband to both. The lambs should be cute.

  2. I'm sure they'll be cute. Someone I know has babydoll sheep. Oh my gosh, they're are the cutest things. Are you going to milk your sheep?

  3. these pics remind me of the "incident" with big dan and cotton and shirley when they first arrived at your home! thanks for the laughs, dan!!! - Mrs. C