Monday, March 29, 2010

Planting Out Young Cabbages

Inspired by Mr. McGregor of Peter Rabbit fame, Katie helped me by planting out young cabbages today.
She declared that if a bunny came through our garden she wouldn't put it in a pie, she would snuggle it.
We also planted broccoli, onions, and six more raspberry plants. I've got more peas to plant and four blueberry bushes, since I (once again) killed the blueberries last year.

Laura was sick all last week with a raging fever and terrible cough. Becky's been sick since Friday. Now Katie, just since this photo, is up to a 102 fever.
I'm very thankful that by now I know what to expect, and I don't have to go through the panic I experienced with Laura's illness.
The doctor thought it might be bacterial, but it's definitely a virus. I suspect swine flu, but I'm not taking anyone back in to confirm my suspicion.


  1. I hope you're all recovering quickly. One of my favorite stories as a kid was Peter Rabbit.
    We have horrible luck with blueberries. If you figure them out let us in on your secret.

  2. Get better girls!!! (and Scott too)

  3. R and J wish the girls (and of course J wouldn't forget Soott) a speedy recovery. We love the garden!