Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Power of Positive Thinking

When Katie found out that she was getting sick, she fought against it tooth and nail. She decided to act as if she weren't feverish or tired. In fact, I held off on the Advil thinking that the fever would force her to rest. Nope. 102 and still plugging away, fighting sleep.
I let her do her thing, thinking that possibly that kind of attitude- simply refusing to acknowledge the virus- might help her in the long run.
After a good night's sleep, she's up and at 'em, with no temperature and no apparent ill effects.
As you can see, Scott's also on the mend. He jumped off the couch at 6:30 this morning and cried at the door. What a relief to have him back outside.

Over at Auntie Spinstie's, stray beagle momma had her puppies. We're going to visit and I'll be sure take pictures.

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