Monday, May 24, 2010

The End of an Era

This is Laura's spring soccer team. The first of the Phenix teams, as Phenix expands into a megalopolis, rivaling the populous cities of Charlotte Court House and Eureka.
Laura is in the back row, next to coach Tom.
Spring soccer turned out to be more than just a sport, it became a community of parents, coaches, and players. We all made friends, and by the last game, we had become one cohesive unit, rather than many separate players.
Being on a team added a different dimension to the girls' lives, since ice skating is an individual sport for the most part.
Since March, we've all been busy with Phenix soccer in one way or another. I coached the U6s, Katie played on the U9s, Laura on the U12s, and Becky was all around assistant coach and gofer.
This fall the girls will move up to the next age level, which makes us sad to leave our coaches and some friends, but I'm sure we'll recover quickly once we start playing again.
Now that I have three extra days a week free, I might start blogging again!

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