Monday, June 28, 2010


Blink is a nuthatch. He was hatched in our shed, in the blue helmet. Two of his four siblings died outside of the nest, and two flew away. But Blink didn't fly well, and our chickens were trying to eat him. So Becky would bring him into the house to feed him and let him grow safely a few hours every day. She made his fancy bird cage.
One day Becky came inside with the news, "Blink's parents came and took him away." I asked her how it had happened and she answered, "His parents called to him, and because he's a nuthatch, he ran up the tree sideways."
So now we occasionally see Blink in the oak tree.
Meanwhile, a new nuthatch nest is down in the barn. In an ironic twist, this mother bird used a shed snakeskin as nesting material. So I always get a scare when I look in at the eggs.
As of today they hadn't hatched. I'll try to blog them soon.

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  1. Becky, Thanks for the post. The kids loved it. Guess what they want to do? The boy already makes nests and leaves them for the birds out on the front porch and now he has a new idea. You are a rock star in our house. Just don't show them how to make the fancy bird cage. You girls are so kind and clever!

    By the way, we love the name.