Friday, June 11, 2010

Snake Art

If you're going to be inundated by black snakes, you might as well have snakes with a flare for fashion.
He's probably making the symbol for, "Come on everybody, there's eggs all 'round, and these people don't kill snakes!"
The three doelings from last year went to their new home today, leaving room for a garden- finally! Danny got it tilled tonight. Tomorrow I hope to get plants and seeds in, and mulch it with hay. If I were smart, I'd put soaker hoses along my rows before I mulch.
I'll update when I get around to photographing the progress on the garden.
I bush hogged tonight and the field smelled lovely. It was pretty, too, with the clear sky and a colorful sunset. And of course the freshly mown field itself was rewarding to look at.

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