Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Church Fashion

"Well, that sure wasn't a very nice thing to say!" said Katie angrily, as she pulled on her white patent leather shoes.

"What wasn't?" I asked her.

"Laura told me that I couldn't wear my crown at church because it's too fancy!"
And she didn't. I couldn't convince her that a crown is perfectly acceptable church attire.
And yes, this is the self-same Katie who builds tree houses and out plays boys at sports.


  1. Haha...quite interesting is your blog ! This is Rajib. Just stopping by to say hello. Whatever it is, Katie is very conscious about following church rules !

  2. We think Katie looks beautiful and a crown is perfectly acceptable attire in church...according to her cousin. Since she wore a tiara at her baptism.

  3. I beliee crowns/tiaras are acceptable anywhere ... at least Grace Kelly thinks so :)

  4. Grace Kelly believes tiaras and crowns are acceptable anywhere :)