Thursday, September 9, 2010


Plural possessives are more fun with two, don't ya think?
If you're a facebook friend of mine, you've heard me rave about BJU Press curriculum.
The whole grade shows up mere days after your order is made, and it's many, many boxes of books and videos. The excitement of unloading the UPS truck in itself is worth the astronomical price I think.
Most of the teachers are excellent and the course material is interestingly presented.
I was hoping that I could have nothing to do with their school since I paid for the pros to come in and do it all for me, but it's still a full day's work as an administrator for me. Nowhere near the work of teaching though.
Katie is using the hard drive, Becky is using DVDs which are the only option for high school, and Laura is using textbooks only this year.
Next year Laura will get 8th grade on hard drive.
I hope that they start to provide high school on hard drive since it's cheaper and easier to keep track of.
If I could start over, I would use the whole grade solutions from the beginnning with the girls.

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  1. great idea ... i'm taking your advice and will probably do what you said starting with colin's 1st grade. thanks for the link.