Monday, November 8, 2010

Better than Rubies

Today was generally a taxing and aggravating day for me. I knew it would be since I knew I would be calling our curriculum provider for tech support. I would rather speak in public than set up a hard drive on a new computer.
But after a distressing morning, I headed out to look at these gorgeous creatures.
After looking, I spent my husband's savings on them. Surely they'll be worth more than any old retirement account.
The top girl's name is Ruby, the bottom red cow is Rosie, and the bull in the bottom photo is Meathead.
They're Scottish Highland cattle.
The whole herd captured my heart as soon as I saw them. I can't wait to get to know them well, so I can compare them to the Dexters.


  1. They are so beautiful. That's my favorite kind of cow. What will you do with them?

  2. Oh goodness, they are gorgeous! I want to paint them!

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  4. Let me try again. They are fabulous looking! Are they for a specific purpose, like meat cows, or dairy, or perhaps Hair?

  5. Are you going to make babies and sell me one? Cow, I mean.

  6. So, has your camera finished charging yet?

    Also, on a side note, guess what the number one google result for "terrifying purple lizard" is? Ok, you don't have to guess, here it is: