Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hard Freeze

This morning we woke to a white winter wonderland on the farm!
For the first time this season, the hose was frozen and all the buckets hard with ice.
Last night the stars were so close and bright I felt like I had just to reach up to grab one.
With the crisp smell of fall and frost in the air, there's an excitement in all of us, animals and humans. The big mare was rearing like a steed this morning. Deer are active. And dogs and humans are exploring the woods like never before.
It would be nice if someone would do some work on these overgrown and unkempt trails however.
Since the words "hard freeze" and "Mollie" do not go together in the early morning hours, Laura photographed our nature scenes for you.


  1. Absolutely beautiful,but I'm glad it only froze there and not here yet!

  2. The words "hard freeze" and "Karen" don't go together either. Today once the sun came out I turned the hose on and cylindrical ice cubes came out. It was pretty cool actually. Time to plug in the heated water buckets. Yuck.

  3. I guess I won't be visiting this year, if it is already that cold! Laura, what a beautiful picture of you!