Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Please Hurry, Spring!

Today started out bright and sunny. But as I was cheerfully folding laundry, thinking of my gentle cousins' encouragement in my vocation, a big cloud obscured the light and I could hardly see.
Now it's mildly overcast, so hanging out this load of towels isn't going to be quite the thrilling endeavor I had been anticipating.
I'm taking Becky's batch of started broccoli seeds as my paradigm of hope.
Becky took their photo for the blog.


  1. See, I knew I could be starting something inside! Broccoli! Thanks. What other cold crops could I be starting now?

  2. I love seedlings in the early spring! It's so encouraging to see growing things with a foot of snow on the ground!

    All cole crops (brassicas) can be stared now, like cabbage, califlower, bok choi, turnips, brussel sprouts.