Friday, February 4, 2011

Wild Pony Round-Up

I couldn't decide which pictures of mother and daughter were best, so I threw them all on here.
The picture of Becky working with them in the yard has special signifigance. This will be the last time Little Blue's exotic beauty will be featured on the blog. Little Blue left this morning with his new owner to enjoy a nice home in the country.
No, really, I didn't sell him for scrap, a guy bought him for farm use.


  1. I cannot believe I gave (er, um, sold) you that truck in 1998. You can put the proceeds to pony and dog care :)

  2. See, you don't agonize over selling animals, or guilt trip over them! I mean, I can bop bunnies on the head and slaughter them, but I can't sell a goat! What is wrong with me? I have serious issues that only a goat psychiatrist can help me work through.