Saturday, September 3, 2011

Freedom Rangers Ranging

The heritage type broiler chicks are three weeks old, healthy, happy, and active.
Laura does all the work involved in raising these birds, so they don't take up any of my time or attention. (Except for the fact that watching them roam is addicting!)
They range freely all day, spreading throughout the pig pen and whole front yard. They eat lots of bugs and grass. And game bird starter.
At night, they put themselves to bed in the small chicken coop. We haven't used a heat lamp for over a week now!
We're supposed to start harvesting them at 9 weeks. We may try to do about 5 that week and see how large and tender they are, then do some more each week till they're gone.

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  1. They look beautiful. Will Laura be able to eat them or is she farm girl through and through?