Thursday, September 22, 2011

PC Birdhouse Doors

I love that every day of my life, my children are sure to say amazingly profound things that enrich my life.
Katie, who's as skinny a child as you'll meet this side of Africa, is showing me her design for a bird house.
"And I'm going to make the door extra big, in case the bird is obese and can't use a normal size door."
Really? How, young lady, who moonlights as a breaker and enterer through tiny slits of window openings when people lock themselves out of their homes, did it ever cross your mind to accomodate a fat bird?


  1. I have been enjoying these posts for years. This one, especially, made me giggle.

  2. Katie is a very sympathetic and observant child. She has observed the prejudice and hatred that obese birds have endured through no fault of their own--well, there were those three cheeseburgers--and decided to stop such discrimination NOW! Perhaps she should advertise the farm as Obese Bird Friendly?