Friday, March 9, 2012

Mega Moon, Mongrels, and Mosquitoes

After school the kids played outdoors and witnessed the moon coming up full over the horizon. Katie ran to get my good camera and took a nice picture of the moon. I thought I could do better, but as I waited for my shutter to close in the dark, Snowflake pounced me, and the top photo is the result.
It was warm yesterday, but very windy. The wind didn't stop the new, improved giant mosquitoes from landing and biting.
I've already been using fly spray on the horses and on me this season.
While I was indoors, 6 mosquitoes found me and got squished. There's a pile of corpses at the computer desk. I think I only got one bite. And the kids got none.

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  1. Lemon Balm, Mrs. G.
    Love the 'wonky' picture. I thought you were employing some sort of new special effects technology!