Friday, March 9, 2012

Twilight Tete-a-Tetes with Teens and Tweens

One of my favorite things about having daughters is the stories I get to hear after the day is over.

"Today we decided to walk home with our eyes closed." was the start of this evening's surprising communication.
It all worked out ok in the end. But how can three seemingly sane people make the decision to "walk home with our eyes closed?"

Another evening, I happened to see that Laura's jacket was blackened as if with charcoal. "What's that?" I exclaimed.
Laura looked guilty and stammered, "Um, fire."
She had been plugging the air compressor into an extension cord and sparks caught her jacket on fire briefly. At the precise moment that Laura was alight, Devin and Katie had looked away to watch, horrified, as a brand new wad of dropped chewing gum rolled across the sidewalk. It was such a tragedy to those two that they let out a yell at the same time Laura screamed. When they looked back at her, she was extinguished and had to explain with words what had just taken place, which is never as fun as having an audience for the actual event.

I've heard about a near death experience on (then off) a waveboard in order to preserve the life of a caterpillar crossing the sidewalk. Sleds shattering underneath their occupants from impact with a frozen solid cow-pies. Falls from trees, squirrel bites... the list goes on.

I'm glad that I'm not there to see most of this stuff, and I'm especially glad that my kids have what so many don't; a safe environment to be outside exploring the world with their friends.


  1. Safe environment!? You have air compressors catching fire! Sleds are shattering! Squirrels are biting! What?!

  2. The reason why it is such a wondrous place for your children is that you are not there to see. How many adventures would die swift deaths if a parent were present? I'm sure if Thomas Edison's mother had stuck her nose in all his business the world would still be in the dark. Hurrah for frozen cow pies and squirrel bites! This is the stuff that makes America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave instead of the Land of the Reasonably Limited and Extremely Cautious!

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