Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mr. Fuzzy

This is Mr. Fuzzy. He has homes in all four corners of the girls' bedroom window. They first noticed this cute little spider with the eyes and the horns wandering around the room a few months ago. He's very docile and never bites humans, plus he provides excellent gnat and mosquito control. Oh, and I've just been informed that Mr. Fuzzy dances to music.


  1. That's a very cute spider. Do you know what kind he is? I'm glad he doesn't bite humans.

  2. He's a jumping spider. We only identified him after the post. We love him so very much!

  3. We think he died. We're guessing he was stepped on or something like that....poor thing:(

    -Laura G.

  4. He's probably fine. The jumping spider carcass I found on the living room rug was someone else! It clearly had more black than Mr. Fuzzy.

    As Katie's learned to say, "Mr. Fuzzy's missing in action."
    I had grown so attached to him, but he did insist on living on the edge, hiding in the laundry basket and standing in the center of the room.
    I still hope he's just on vacation.