Monday, May 21, 2012

The Scoop

Although I didn't have the energy to shoot a picture I thought worthy of the blog because this was our first stop after a long day of soccer, I still wanted to boast about Charlotte County's excellent teenagers, so this is the best graphic you're going to get (till next ice cream run, anyway.) In the mirror behind the old-fashioned ice cream counter you can see Laura, Katie, and part of Becky's smile, but best of all, Miss Hannah making a homemade strawberry shake with locally picked berries. She's one of the three proprietors of "The Scoop," our brand new ice cream parlor. All three young ladies who run it are Becky's age and grade. Hannah had also been our referee at the soccer field that day, hence her sunburnt face. It makes me proud to know so many diligent young people in our community. This is going to be a good generation.

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