Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There was a sale at the local nursery so Gretchen and I bought loads of hanging baskets. Here's how mine look. It will be good to have Dan home this weekend and share coffee in the shade of the petunias.


  1. Even with the flat inner tube, it looks like a magazine cover!

  2. So your place looks gorgeous. Aaaaaah. But I seriously think you & Gretch should consider shipping flowers from here. Each similar arrangement in Amsterdam costs about 2 euros, or 2.5 dollars. But then you pay shipping. . . And they sit in a box for who knows how long. Umm - No Go. Mom always said she hated cut flowers, and so do I, but when they're cheaper than milk. . . Come visit sometime, and I'll show you FLOWERS.

  3. PS - I miss you.

  4. Poor Rebecca, living in the land of super-cheap flowers! Without Gretchen and Mollie though.

    Danny used to bring home 40 dozen roses at a time from Columbia.

    Do you think you'll ever move back to the States? We miss you too.

  5. Beautiful!