Friday, November 9, 2012


I didn't want a kitten.
I've avoided legions of needy, adorable stray kittens over the last 9 years.
But it looks as though the kitten floodgates have opened, and a deluge of baby cats is washing over Providence Farm.
The house has been turned into a kitten hospital ward since both Gooseberry and Tom are sick with coccidiosis and parasites. They get medicine twice a day and force feedings of vitamin paste three times. Hopefully tomorrow will be a big turning point for those two.
The little yellow cat is only 4 weeks old. She was dumped in the town of Charlotte Court House. Now we've brought her here to foster. And she's getting medicine, plus kitten formula, so she can avoid catching stuff from the original kittens.


  1. Did they pick up cocci from the chickens? Interesting. I expect to see pictures of Griffith Girl Nurses in starched caps waiting on stretchers of infirm kitties.

  2. I told you they are like potato chips! By the way, the kids think they are adorable and you should get some more!

  3. p.s. Are these beautiful pictures the work of my beautiful, photographer niece?