Monday, November 19, 2012

Monsters Inc.

This is a picture of the Charlotte County Spiders after the tournament in Richmond.
We won the first three games, and lost by one goal in the championship game.
Laura couldn't wait to get home and see herself in the photo.
When she saw it, she said she felt like Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc., when he was looking for himself on t.v. but an ad was covering him.
Perfect analogy!
She's on our right of the coach, behind the goalie.
Our goalie got injured in the goal and went to the hospital in an ambulance.
He came back to watch the rest of the games that day. What a man!
Our whole soccer family had a great time, not even expecting to fare as well as we did against city teams with professional coaches.
Our U10 team won every game and the championship.
Our second place was hard fought and an honor for our kids and coach to have achieved.
This is a team of wonderful teenagers. Not only are they good at soccer, but they're kind, honest, hard working kids in all aspects of life. And they keep each other accountable on and off the field.
We are blessed to be part of this diverse soccer club.

I got word today that we'll be practicing indoors over the winter.
Phew, I was getting worried about how I'd spend all that extra time!

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