Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter, When Blogging Turns to Theory

This is the time of year when not too much excitement is happening for me to photograph and blog for you.
But it is a good time to give loose rein to my fancy and plan some fun for spring time.
I hope to drive down to North Carolina to pick up a couple bee hives in January.
The shipping is about the same as the hive, so I figured we'll enjoy a scenic mountain drive and pay less.
Other then bees, I'd like to create (I, in this context meaning Dan) raised beds for berry production.
Our berries have always failed so far, but in my optimistic delusion I think that lots of organic matter and soaker hoses in the beds will make all things possible for blueberries this time around.


  1. I think that the soil is essential for proper blueberry growth, so you will have better luck in a raised bed where you can control it. Will pine needles raise the ph just like pine bark will, I wonder?

  2. Keep us posted on your bee adventures. Nick has toyed with the idea of keeping bees. I don't think he'll get any hives any time soon, but it will be great to see how things go for you. :)