Sunday, January 27, 2013

And Then, It Snowed

Here is a visual by Laura of our beautiful snow. This was a very wet and fluffy three inches that melted quickly. Since this, we've gotten another cold, dry, pelleted inch of snow.
Now the weather is tolerably mild, for winter, and the main action here on the farm is watching for a calf from Penny.
When the ground dries up we'll be back to horseback riding and soccer practice.


  1. awesome pics!!! i keep thinking laura is you on the horse. we still have snow on the ground ... i know, what a surprise. and now we had ice rain for the topper. oh, yeah, and more gray skies. be expecting a call from Corinne tomorrow ...

    1. Oh boy, I forgot what tomorrow is. Lucky I have Corinne!
      Yummy gray skies! We'll be in the 70s and sunny this week...