Thursday, January 10, 2013


We like to listen to music that's fun for dancing. Our radio station changes the lyrics so we don't have to hear any swear words, and I'm always shocked to hear the real version of these songs. (The content is already shocking enough, without the profanity.)
We watch a wide variety of movies, and Becky keeps a pencil and paper handy to tally up how many swear words they use. We all agree that, with a few exceptions, swearing means you don't write good movie scripts.
I laughed when I saw the girls' poster of "How to know if your cat is plotting to kill you."
The bad word is censored by Becky, with a piece of tape.
What kind of Libertarians are we?


  1. That is funny. She is very handy with the censoring tape.

  2. You are moral Libertarians, I think. It's a good thing. And swearing in a movie almost always is a sign of poor writing skills. My father used to tell me that it was a sign of a limited vocabulary and a lack of appreciation for the tremendous variety of words that could be used instead.