Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Katie proudly owns a purebred Gloucestershire Old Spot boar called Garcia.

Dan and I went with her to West Virginia to pick him up in April.
He and Opal got married immediately and are expecting piglets on August 18th, which also happens to be Garcia's second birthday.

He's a joy to have on the farm. He's a gentle as a kitten (don't worry, we realize that a boar can turn dangerous) and as friendly as a Labrador puppy.
Yesterday, when Katie's little piglets went into Garcia and Opal's pen, Garcia herded them into a muddy corner, settled down sleepily, and let them scamper all over him.
Katie said, "It's good that Opal and Garcia are babysitting the piglets since they're going to have their own soon. This is good practice for them."