Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All Alone at the Amish Auction

Actually, I wasn't all alone, I had Katie with me, but I wanted more alliteration in my title.

Usually I let Dan do the bidding when we go to the produce auction, but since I wanted tomatoes and cucumbers right now, I had to take the plunge and bid on my own.

Here are enough pickles for my whole extended family. I hope to score some green beans and also some reasonable (cheap) tomatoes to put up. They were going high today so I skipped them.

At least flowers were cheap.


  1. So that's why you were searching for a recipe for pickle relish!

    Thanks for your comment on my Wild Fire post. It is a small world, indeed. Firefighters are my heroes because I live in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. We are surrounded by forests and wildfires happen often every summer, so we definitely count on firefighters to protect us.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Pat. It makes me feel a little more normal about knowing an inordinate amount about your family. Your blog is interesting and your family beautiful!
      I never did find the dill pickle peanut butter sandwich that lured me to you though!
      I'm glad to know a real person whom Danny is keeping safe in fire season :)

  2. Your husband is definitely having a "trial by fire" in his first year flying as a firefighter! We so appreciate him and all the other men and women who are fighting our terrible fires. The "Rim Fire" is now officially the largest wildfire in California history. The air throughout the region just west of that fire is still dangerously smoky.