Friday, August 23, 2013

Kitchen Chicken

The weather took a turn for the perfect, so we opened the sliding glass door to the deck, the screen of which is torn up by kitties.
I soon heard Katie exclaim, "Get out, Sabrina! You're not an indoor chicken!"


  1. We keep our doors open a lot in the summer. Just yesterday I said, "wouldn't it be funny if a chicken came in the house?" It's never happened here.

    Did you get the pig breeding date wrong? If not, I sure feel sorry for Opal

    1. I'm guessing we got the date wrong. If she delivers in two weeks, we'll know her first breeding didn't take. If she delivers before then, poor, poor Opal!
      She's been looking very pregnant for well over three weeks now, but maybe she really isn't due till 20ish days after Aug. 18th. Time will tell. I think if she delivers on her own, she'll do ok.

  2. Does she have milk? I'm sure she'll be fine. I'm so impatient.