Friday, March 21, 2014

Indoor Pigs

Here is one of Opal's sons heading into Laura's room.
We had brought the five boys indoors to castrate them so Opal wouldn't hear and also so Opal wouldn't (hopefully) be able to break through the walls and get us.
Last time, when we castrated her first litter, we had some reservations about the sturdiness of the horse trailer versus Opal's determination to rescue her little boys.
Fortunately for me, a good friend who's experienced in these matters came to do the deed. The little piggies are all doing fine after their operations.


  1. He looks right at home!

  2. This I would have like to have seen. When we did it outdoors we just dropped the testicles on the ground. What did Laura's room look like after the deed was done? If we ever get piglets again (I'm beginning to think this will never happen) I'd kind of like to skip the castrating and see if they'll still sell. I plan to have all girls next litter :)

    1. We actually did it in the dining room. We use a bowl to collect testicles and feed them to the dogs afterward. No blood and no iodine spills, so indoors was fine with me. During the castration, I was quickly becoming a European (they don't allow castration there because of the cruelty factor ;) I still plan to castrate in future though.

    2. Oh, Mrs. G, how could you deprive your chickens of such tasty treats? Chickens do love a good testicle.
      In other news, did Garcia ever come home?

    3. No Garcia :( Tomorrow, bright and early, Dan and I drive right past kpannabecker's place to buy a new GOS boar. He's a baby. We're also picking up an extremely pregnant Tamworth sow. Her babies will be half Gloucestershire Old Spots :)

  3. I probably will too, but I don't want to. It's kind of like disbudding.