Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's Play A Game

It's called: "Where do you think Bonnie Moppet will have her kittens?"

Big Dan thinks that she prefers the ambiance of the kitchen drawer.

We didn't get the Bon cat spayed because we thought that the dogs would kill any toms who came a courtin.' (They normally kill all stray kitties, and possibly even their own cat once.)

We were mistaken.

The blessed event is coming soon but we don't know for sure when.


  1. My guess is April 4th.

  2. So it's ok to allow your dogs to ruthlessly kill cats? There is an overpopulation of pets and they are languishing in shelters, so you're adding to that problem by not spaying this cat and also putting her life and the life of her kittens in danger of your dogs?

    Please find this innocent cat a decent home where she doesn't have to fear dogs and owners who are irresponsible.

    1. No. I'm going to keep her and her kittens.
      In regard to the overpopulation causing pets to languish in shelters, my dogs are solving that problem.

  3. That you are nonchalant about that statement speaks volumes. Have you ever witnessed the sheer terror and excruciating pain a cat experiences being mauled by a dog? If that doesn't bother you, perhaps you're quite sick.