Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas Miracle!

Our momma hen is back to laying eggs. In the cat's house. On the front porch. But we have eggs again, so that's all that matters.
And here's a duck egg from Pip thrown in for good measure.
It was a bad feeling to be buying eggs from the store for holiday baking.
There's simply no comparison between the bland store bought and the dark colored, flavorful home grown eggs.
God bless you, poultry, every one!


  1. Do your "homegrown" eggs have darker yolks? I've been trying to figure out why our Dutch eggs are so different from the American ones I grew up with. The Dutch ones are brown, smaller, with darker, orangier yolks. And YUMMY! (Of course not having to refrigerate them makes a huge difference in the taste, but the yolks are completely different.)

    1. Brown and smaller are strictly because of the breed difference. That shouldn't make any difference in the egg quality. Dark, orangier yolks is about nutrition. If a chicken free ranges, the chlorophyll makes the yolk orange. Factory chickens on factory feed are simply not going to produce the nice yolks or the firmer whites. I'm no expert, but I don't think refrigeration has any effect on the eggs except letting them last longer. Maybe someone else will chime in on this aspect.
      Also, the yolks from theses eggs will probably be just a dark yellow because of the short days and lack of grass and bugs. (But still yummier than those store eggs!)

    2. I knew if I didn't check my reply, it would have a typo. Dang it.
      The Hobbit comes out today. Just pretend I'm using my Gollum voice when I say "theses eggs."

  2. We haven't gotten an egg in months. I just received 5 chicks from a friend. I hope some of them are hens. Last night we ate store bought eggs. They had the palest yolks I've ever seen.