Thursday, December 11, 2014

American Clothespins

See that big luxurious clothespin in the foreground? I'll be assembling 19 of them tomorrow.
I was so excited when Herrick Kimball released a batch of clothespin kits. They sold out quickly, but I am among the lucky few who got a package.
The pieces are soaking in boiled linseed oil to offer them more protection from the elements.
My laundry is soaking in my homemade laundry soap that smells like Grandma's washing.
I feel frugal.


  1. Lucky you. I bought plastic ones this week because all my wooden ones were breaking from being left on the line for many years. WalMart was out of wooden ones and I needed some NOW. Boo :(

    1. I had to use thousands of puny wooden Wal-Mart clothespins yesterday and was thinking about how much more my new ones cost even taking into consideration that it takes 10x as many of the scrawny things. But the convenience of using two strong American pins per shirt- or even jeans- and knowing that the clothes won't fall off the line is worth the extra cost. Yep, I'm a clothespin snob.